Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Pictures, Images and Photos

Peace Health Love and Happiness
to all my friends and family!


Check this out...

Melt-a-way cookies!

My friend Sarah had this recipe for cookies on her blog once again this year, it was for her Grandmother Kima's cookies.
Now I don't bake very often because I am usually terrible at it! I really wanted to strive this year to try to bake a few things. Let me just tell you that these are sooooo wonderful! SERIOUSLY!!!!
You will just have to visit crafty Sarah to get the recipe!
I made mine very vibrant as you can see!!! Hahaha!
Sarah's are much prettier!!!!
But, they are deeelish, and that is all that matters!
Thank you Sarah for the great recipe share, my family will be so proud!



I am disappointed that I was not able to make my creation for this weeks Cinema Challenge!
Work has kept me very busy....everyone wants to be beautiful for the holidays! Also I have had to make a TON of special ornaments for clients! That has been fun!!!!
I will just have to be late with some things for challenges....oh my always good intentions!
I really liked the inspiration this week, and
I have tons of this swimming in my head, you will just see them later!
I am off to bed...lots of hair to do in the morning, God bless STARBUCKS!!!
One rant before I sign off...No matter what anyone says Starbucks is better then Demon Donuts! I will pay the extra dollar to get my coffee made correctly!
(I have seen a bunch of blogs lately comparing the 2)
Do you know how many times I have walked away from the counter shaking my head at DD and just said "forget it, just forget it!"
AND my DH loves their donuts....well we go there through the drive thru and they say "we don't actually have donuts at this location" WHAT now com~mon, does Burger King run out of BURGERS???? It is in the TITLE!!!! Geesh!!!
Like I said God bless Starbucks! (yum)

Starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos

starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos


I won!!!

I am honored to receive The Audrey Award for my Santa card that I made for Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge Week #8 Miracle on 34th Street! What a fun challenge!
All the cards were just beautiful!!!

And this week the movie inspiration is none other then....

OMG I LOVVVEEE this movie!!! And just for the record so does my MOM!!!!!
I can think of a thousand projects to make for this one.
I will post my creation for this one in a day or 2!
I really think you should stop whatever you are doing right now and check out the beauties that Sankari & Amy created for inspiration this week! Then try to play along! Com'on you know you love to sing those darn songs!!! I sure poor dear hubby...this will be stuck in my head all week............Here ya go, come join me:


12 Days of X-Mas Contest

Sooo I entered another contest, and this one is on Paper Craft Planet blog.
If you haven't already checked it out you really should!!!
The theme is the 12 Days of Christmas. Today being day 4...."4 Calling Birds"
Do you remember being a kid and playing the game telephone? By the time you got to the end of the line the whole topic was messed up and you would just laugh and laugh???
Well, that is what I did today with a holiday twist!
So here is my 4 Calling Birds" playing telephone!
((yes I am aware it is one said it had to be serious))
So here is the conversation (in case you can't see it)
"Happy Holidays"
"Happy & Amazed"
"Hopping in the Maze?"
"Shopping at MACY'S!"
Plus I thought that the ribbon on the bottom looked like an
old phone cord...who has those around anymore???