Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge ~ Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Here is my entry for the CSCC. This set of 4 is going on a small wall in my bathroom. Like I had said before in a previous post that my friend Sandy had bought me a whole bunch of Asian stamps and a pack of yummy paper to play with. I have been wanting to change around some pictures around my house and put my own "stuff" up. This week challenge was not only a great movie but it inspired me to get going on these:
The first one is my favorite! I like the clean look of this one.
My DH thought it was funny that I used a dragon and dragonflies here.

I really like this one too, then again I am partial to butterflies.
I hope everyone had a great day, ours stared out sunny, but by the time we got to the forest preserve it was rather grey...lots of ice!
The sign at the door of Home Depot said 39 more days till spring! Who's counting?


Soul Journal - Inch Squares

The assignment was to go through your magazines and tear out images from a list that SW had prepared. {{To see the list and more detail directions visit Sarah Whitmires Blog}} .
There were 24 items listed and first you find them, and then on the next days prompt you cut sections of your finds into 1 inch squares.

(sorry for the blurry picture, it was the only one I had taken pre-paint)

Tricky girl had a few letters thrown in with the pictures request and I didn't even know what it said until I laid them out, I wasn't paying attention to that part. I was just letting things kind of fall into place. It ends up that you have a bit of a story board, personal as it may be, a story board none the less.
After it was dry, we were to paint around and make a background. I used a few colors and also rubbed off with a little H2O where I wanted it a little lighter in spots. The pictures were cover with medium gel so they were protected and it was easy to clean them up if too much paint got on it.
The final part of this prompt was to, select 8 pictures to describe, circle one, draw a messy square around 4 & a dotted line around 2.

It was interesting to me to see which picture I picked for each prompt.

I am really enjoying this!

Something else I enjoy very much is Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge.

This weeks movie is:

I didn't know what the movie of the week was until this morning. The girls give out sneak peeks during the week, but my guess was way off...I think I guessed Legend, does anyone remember this movie, Tom Cruise was in it before he turned weirdo. So anyway, the card I made yesturday was very apropriate for this weeks challenge but I am still working on something else. the only rules this week is that it must have a splash of red!

I hope you play along. Click here for my details.


A thank you and get well...

This first card is for a special person that bought me this stamp. I just love all things Asian and she knows it! I black embossed the image, then colored it in with markers and also used a little sponging and daubing in the background. Thank you again Sandy for all the lovely gifts!
This next card is for my dear friend Kris who had surgery weeks ago and is having a slow recovery! I try to send her cards once a week, even if they are simple style, I want her to know we are all thinking about her and missing her! I usually make one for our clients to sign as well. Kris is our rockstar shampoo assistant, and we miss her!!!

I don't know who the DP is made by, but it just seemed very cheerful!
We had great weather today I was so thankful, it is nice to go out and get some fresh air, without freezing. My DH and I went and seen "He is just not that into you". It had a slow start but it was cute once it got going. Lats week we saw "The Wrestler" (we have to trade picks each time), it was actually a good movie, sad but good, Kudos to Mickey for getting his shit together and returning to the big screen. The film was a bit independent film-esk and no special effect, just a good story.


Shamless Sisterly Plug...

Here is one of my Sisters new You Tube Videos. I usually just post a link to YouTube, but some of you guys who check things out at work seem to be blocked from YouTube, so you can just check one of them out here. Plus I think this video is one of my favs so far.
Click HERE to visit her YouTube page, you can subscribe and check her other videos out.
Or to see her other 2 new videos are Somewhere Over the Rainbow (for my Mom, and suitable for last weeks Cinema Saturday Challenge as well) & Sally The Camel, (don't ask me where that came from but it is funny, I love how silly my sis is!).
And on with the show...

Thanks for watching, did I mention my lil' sis is GETTING MARRIED!!!!

She just got engaged!!!!