Holiday Ornaments

I have the best bosses in the world, they have allowed me to set up "shop" this year at the salon I work at! Usually I do one or two craft fairs during the holiday, but it is getting harder to take a Saturday off! Thank you Nel & Lori!
This little guy is sprayed inside with liquid adhesive, then I dumped some random white glitter inside and rolled it around. I then balled up some bits of tissue paper and stuffed those in there as well. I am thinking it would be better to just use some of that fluffy fake snow or cotton balls. Then I took the hemmed edge of a "recycled" T-shirt (to avoid having to sew) and wrapped it around and tattered the top edges, hot glue it in place wrap it with a ribbon and punch out a snowflake and you are almost done...just need to paint the face :) I made these in pink and red too! My favorite childhood crafty ornament is the Noodle Angels! Oh how I love them! My Mom has the original one that I made for 20 years ago! Over the past few years she has requested an entire tree of them. It was her suggestion to make them and sell them at work, and they are selling like hotcakes! lol
They are all noodle with the exception of the round wooden head and paper crafted goodie that they are holding. I assemble them with hot glue gun (my best friend), you could however use tacky glue, but it takes too long to dry, good for kids, bad for impatient adult crafters!
Then you spray paint them, several times, resistant noodles, the paint in their little faces!

I have been doing glass ornaments like these for a couple of years now, I love to get new stamps every year. The next 4 are snow globe style and they are tipped upside down into a decorated (clean) cat food can, you must hot glue it into place.

The images are stamped with Stazon (jet black) onto transparency papers then colored in with acrylic paint. Cut the image out so it fits into the ball (I recommend making a template to trace) then wait till it dries roll it up push it in and then it pops open. I would also leave a small tab at the top so that is stays upright and doesn't roll around too much!

How cute is this House-Mouse stamp.

Images are inside the ornament if you can not tell from the picture.

When I first started doing these I colored them in with sharpies and used a glitter that stuck all over the glass. They were cute but the image wasn't real clear and you wanted to try not to shake them. Then I used paint pens to color and chunkier glitter, better but still not as clear!

Now this year I went right for the good old brush and acrylic paint! I also found tiny styro balls that don't stick at all, now you can shake 'em like crazy!

I just love this little elf! Every year I find better and better stamps!


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love these, I hope you sell many of them, I know you already are. Happy Crafting Jules.

patricia said...

You are a girl after my own heart, I love crafting and I think yours are fabulous. How creative you are in every thing.

patricia said...

How are a girl after my own heart...Like you, I love crafting
You are so you