Soul Journal - This Book Belongs To...

OK! So to start my Journal I needed a book that had pages that could take a little abuse. So I had a large pad of Watercolor paper laying around. It is a bit larger then I thought I would like, but after I started working on it I really liked all the space.
The next thing was to rip out some pages that had words on it and glue them on to the first three pages, randomly. I have to admit that was rather liberating and a little to fun to tear the pages out. I used and old Thesaurus.
After that set a bit, you circle words that pop out to you. Then you write for 5 minutes starting with the phrase "today I feel..." every time you get stuck repeat it. I filled the pages more quickly then I thought I would, getting much "deeper" on the second and third pages. So this is the start: I then took a little trip to the craft store (thanks to my wonderful clients who give me gift cards for X-Mas, do they know me or what?) I bought some Gesso to prime the pages. You brush it on lightly so that you can still make out the words.
Allow it to dry or blast it with your heat gun, the write out your name again and again, till it fills the whole page! Oh I almost forgot, First you write, stamp or sticker "this book belongs to" on the top. At this point you are claiming your journal. Then you can doodle it up any way you please. I had so much fun with this part already. I had remembered sitting in classes doing this sort of thing all over my notebooks, although it was more like "I Love So-and-So" then the next week "So-and-So" turned into a blobby doodle with the drama of a high school break up, LOL!

I added a bunch of rub-ons too!
So there you have it the cover is done, now on to the meat!
Excuse the mess on the table, I made an executive decision to NOT clean my room because if I started in on that when not it the mood I would never do anything creative. Cleaning is for those rare moments when you feel like getting "organized" today was not one of those moments!
Maybe next week!


Cheryl said...

This is awesome! What a great idea!

LaY hOoN said...

This is really a brilliant idea to start your journal !!