A thank you and get well...

This first card is for a special person that bought me this stamp. I just love all things Asian and she knows it! I black embossed the image, then colored it in with markers and also used a little sponging and daubing in the background. Thank you again Sandy for all the lovely gifts!
This next card is for my dear friend Kris who had surgery weeks ago and is having a slow recovery! I try to send her cards once a week, even if they are simple style, I want her to know we are all thinking about her and missing her! I usually make one for our clients to sign as well. Kris is our rockstar shampoo assistant, and we miss her!!!

I don't know who the DP is made by, but it just seemed very cheerful!
We had great weather today I was so thankful, it is nice to go out and get some fresh air, without freezing. My DH and I went and seen "He is just not that into you". It had a slow start but it was cute once it got going. Lats week we saw "The Wrestler" (we have to trade picks each time), it was actually a good movie, sad but good, Kudos to Mickey for getting his shit together and returning to the big screen. The film was a bit independent film-esk and no special effect, just a good story.


Curt in Carmel said...

What wonderful cards! The Asian card is stunning, and the "hang in there" is so sweet. You are such a wonderfully thoughtful person! Best, Curt

Cheryl said...

Love the asian card. So beautiful! I can see why you love it too!

JackieLou said...

Love the asian theme... TFS

Brooke S said...

Love this asian card as well. The colors are so striking.. Great coloring.... Gorgeous!
Loads of Hugs