Winter Flower

What a pleasant way to start my day...I woke up to this pretty flower that had bloomed in my living room. For the winter we bring our Hibiscus plant in the house. We got it the first year we were together. Every winter it looks as if it is going to die, but it doesn't! I have had blooms in early December, but never in late January! The rest of the bush looks terrible, so it was nice to have a bright flower on it this morning, LOL.
The sun was shinning but it was only about 5 degrees out today!


Kristine B. said... LOVELY!! What a wonderful blessing to add to your day :)

Corie said...

WOW -- what a beautiful flower!!

Maria said...

Wow, Juliann. . .the flower is beautiful! The colors just brighten my day! When I lived in Hawaii, there were Hibiscus all over. . the flower just blooms so nicely. Wow, it's fabulous that the flower bloomed in 5 degree weather.


Diane said...

What a beauty indeed Juliann!!!

Janine said...

How gorgeous!!!

Jamie Martin said...

Beautiful, I'm impressed you can keep plants alive. I have a brown thumb.